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BigFoot Activity Book: Wacky Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Fun Facts & Cool Stickers!

Fox Chapel Publishing

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Join the Elusive BigFoot for Hours of Fun!

The lovable furry humanoid, BigFoot, is back with this kid's activity book that's bursting with fun and games!

Inside BigFoot Activity Book:

  • Search-and-Find Stumpers
  • Brainteaser Riddles
  • Mind-Boggling Mazes
  • Word Search Puzzles
  • Cool Coloring Pages
  • Fun Fact Trivia
  • Dynamic Drawings
  • Crossword Conundrums
  • Word Scramble Twisters
  • Awesome Stickers

Inside, you'll discover an amazing array of entertaining activities, from whimsical mazes and riddles to search-and-find puzzles, word games, coloring pages, and more. Fun facts help young readers learn more about the interesting world we live in. There is even a bonus 8-page section packed with more than 100 free stickers!

Over 120 pages are packed with a host of exciting activities that will keep children 5 to 12 engaged for hours! This big activity book is perfect for road trips, rainy days, family vacations, and birthday parties. But more than simply games, BigFoot Activity Book engages young readers, teaching about real places, people, and events in the present and past.

BigFoot Activity Book joins the growing series from author and artist D.L. Miller, including:

  • BigFoot Goes Back in Time
  • BigFoot Spotted at World-Famous Landmarks
  • BigFoot Goes on Vacation
  • BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World
  • BigFoot Goes on Great Adventures
  • BigFoot Fun Book!
  • BigFoot Goes on Big City Adventures
  • The Day I Met BigFoot