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Brain Box: Around the World


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Test your knowledge of famous landmarks, world cultures, geography and more with this fun, memory boosting game.  Players study the pictures and facts side of the card for 10 seconds, and then flip to the other side to see how many questions they can answer: Which sea borders Venezuela? Which country borders Bangladesh to the west? This doubles as both a memory and trivia game which makes for twice the fun!  After studying the image on the front of the card for ten seconds, the first player rolls the die and passes the card to the second player.  The second player then reads the numbered question on the back of the card that corresponds to the rolled die number.  The questions test the players ability to remember information from the card, such as countries, state capitals, flags, animals, works of art, and more.  If the player gets the question right, they get to keep the card; if not, the card goes back into the game box.  The player that has the most cards after ten minutes... wins!   Brainbox All Around The World 55 sturdy game cards one timer dice Recommended age: 8 and up! Number of players: 1 and up!