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Budget Math (Life Skills)

Remedia Publications

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Budgeting made easy! Help your students make friends with the budgeting process while learning valuable life skills! This book is filled with fun and engaging activities that take the anxiety out of creating and sticking to a budget. After learning the basics of how to create a variety of budgets, students get lots of practice with real-life budget scenarios. High-interest topics like exotic vacation budgets, a wedding budget, anniversary budget, college budget, family budgets, a remodeling budget, various types of party and business budgets, and even a city budget are sure to capture your students' imaginations. Through the use of charming photos, illustrations, and fill-in charts, the activities are presented in a lively, varied, and accessible way that students will find easy to understand. Real-life word problems feature practical consumer math skills. Students decide whether to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide money to find a solution. Some activities require students to use fractions and figure percentages.