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Building Spelling Skills, Grade 1 - Teacher's Edition

Easy Grammar Systems

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  In Building Spelling Skills Daily Practice, Grade 1, students will learn five spelling words per week in lists 1–14; then eight words per week in lists 15–30 (198 total). One or two sentences for dictation are provided for each list.   Spelling lists include the following:   short and long vowel words adding s and es words with sh, nt, nd sounds of ow, ar, aw, oa present and past tense words   Practice pages for each unit include the following:   a spelling list with spaces to read, write, and spell each word a configuration puzzle for every spelling list word sorting word meaning (filling in missing spelling words in sentences) exercises to find the misspellings and hidden words   Reproducible forms include:   spelling record form individual spelling record spelling test form spelling list form word sort form parent letter   Confident spellers make for prolific writers. Give your first graders the tools they need to write with Evan-Moor’s Building Spelling Skills. This grade one print teacher’s edition delivers 30 weeks of spelling practice. Students receive weekly lists along with compelling activities like puzzles and word sorting to master the spelling. In total, students will learn to spell 198 commonly used words that they can then incorporate into their writing. The program includes reproducible forms along with a parent letter to facilitate the home-school connection. When you build spelling skills with Evan-Moor’s resources, students improve their spelling.