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Candy Land Classic 65th Anniversary Edition

Winning Moves

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Tap into your sweet tooth and serve your child a big helping of early learning fun! Since its creation in the 1940s, Candy Land has been a favorite "first" game for children everywhere. Through brilliant colors, simple rules, and sweet sweet pictures, kids learn easily how to recognize colors, practice counting, take turns fairly, and follow directions. Now it's back with the same beautiful design and pictures as the original! Start by picking out one of the four colorful gingerbread man game pieces and then decide who's going to go first. On your turn, draw one candy card - A single color block, two color blocks, or a picture of a place - Whatever the card shows, that's where you go. For the single color block, move to the next block of that color in your path. For the two color blocks, move to the second block of that color in your path. If you grab a picture card, it could make your brake your game - You have to move straight to the place on the game board that matches your card, even if it means moving BACK! Follow the sign posts to always know which way to go. Land directly on short cuts to skip a bunch of spaces. But look out! If you land on the Licorice, you have to skip your next turn! The first player to make it to the end of the path and arrive at the beautiful (and tasty) candy cabin wins the game. Through the garden of candy hearts, over the gumdrop mountains, and around the molasses swamp, kids move, learn, and play just like you did with the Candy Land 65th Anniversary game!