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Cartooning for Kids

Sterling Publishing

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Any child who can make a stick figure can learn to create funny cartoons—and this enjoyably illustrated guide tells them exactly how. Written by professional cartoonist Art Roche, it gives kids lots of hands-on opportunities to turn their creative ideas into delightfully drawn reality. Roche encourages budding artists to develop a personal vision, rather than trace or copy someone else's style; he also includes plenty of information that other children's how-to books overlook, including advice on writing jokes, composing panels, and getting published.   Author and cartoonist ART ROCHE has more than 20 years of experience in cartooning, illustration and entertainment development. He is currently the creative director for Smart Bomb Interactive, a game development company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior to that, Mr. Roche was the creative director for Cartoon Network’s new media department and managed all of the entertainment content for websites, online video and mobile platforms.  He is a member of the National Cartoonists Society, and creator of the daily comic strip Lotto Otto. In 2008, Art created the animated series, Nacho Bear for Cartoon Network. Art loves talking to kids about cartooning and creativity. He’s available for classroom drawing sessions, workshops and panel discussions.