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Catan Expansion: Traders & Barbarians Game Cards


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For those players who own the original Settlers of Catan Card Game and/or the first edition of the Expansion set.Here you'll find 40 new cards telling of bloodthirsty barbarians who can raid your lands, and high-powered merchants to lead you to prosperity. This box also contains 50 revised cards from the first 5 expansions, as well as all the latest rules updates, so you can use your old cards with the current game. Like all Catan Card Game theme sets, you need a copy of the base game to use the Barbarians & Traders expansion or the other upgrade kit cards. 90 Cards & 20-pg Guide. Important notice for those confused on this upgrade: Please note this upgrade kit is not for those who own the 2006 version of the Catan Card Came & the 2006 version of the Catan Card Game Expansion. The upgrade kit is best utilized for those owning older versions of both items. 8 of the 90 cards upgrade the old Settlers of Catan Card Game. 42 of the 90 cards upgrade the old Catan Card Game expansion set. 40 of the cards contain the Barbarian & Traders expansion. Features Ages: 12+ For advanced players and experts Two Player Time: 60-90 minutes Download Game Rules & Almanac