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Charm Bracelet Studio


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Charms are supposed to tell the story of who you are, and when you make them yourself you can personalize your life story! If you were in charge of the world, what would you create? What are your most favorite things? What do you feel most strongly about? Are you a save-the-whales type? Would you like a charm that looks just like your dog? It's up to you! You get to decorate each charm to show people who you are! Decorate by themes, seasons, or add a secret to each charm that only you know. Paint the large and small charms using a special tool and enamel paint, then seal them with a finishing gloss to protect your artwork. The book even gives you a head-start if you don't know where to start. They list common symbols and the meanings behind them. They even list several spirit animals! Pick your favorite animal and learn what they symbolize; or read the meanings and pick the animal that best represents your personality. While the idea book can help you get started, it's also there to spawn your own designs and ideas! Don't quite see yourself in any of the listed spirit animals? Are you perhaps more of a dragon or a platypus? Then create your own design and transfer your design to a charm! The charms are ready for your double-sided work; layer them like bangles, or make and give one to your best friends!  Klutz Charm Bracelet Studio Be your own jewelry designer Encourages self-expression, individualization, introspection Strengthens hand-eye coordination, design skills Tell the story of who you are using custom charms! Paint your charms with the special painting tool Paint tool allows for finer detail than a brush Cover paint with sealing gloss when dry Embellish with stickers and rhinestones Makes 3 charm bangle bracelets Includes: idea book, 3 gold metal bangle bracelets, 15 large metal charms, 6 small charms, 5 colors paint, 21 jump rings, 10 mL finishing gloss, rhinestone stickers, decal stickers, custom painting tool Made in the USA, China, and Taiwan