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Child Size Masterpieces: Step 6 & 7

Parent Child Press

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This supplemental set is designed to be used for Step 6 (Learning about the Schools of Art) and Step 7 (Grouping Paintings from the Same School of Art) of the Child-Size Masterpieces program. This volume will introduce children to five of the modern schools of art and some of the artists who are commonly associated with each style.¬†Central to the Child-Size Masterpieces program this companion book contains high-quality postcard-size reproductions of famous paintings. Selections have been chosen to appeal to young children, each reproduction is imprinted on the back with the artist name and the title of the painting, information about the medium, and includes an artist biography.Postcards are printed on heavy varnished cardstock. To make cards, cut out the 4¬ĺ" x 6¬Ĺ" images, and laminate if desired.