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Civitas Card Game

Bright Ideas Press

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Look around the table: each player is a country, desperate for leadership. How will you rule? Civitos is a fun and educational hand-management card game that teaches students about forms of government around the world: democracy, monarchy, theocracy, communism, republic, plutocracy, military, and anarchy. Each form has special features that will help or hinder your goals. The goal of the game is to have the fewest points at the end of the game; you accumulate points from the cards in your hand when players go out. Flip a card from the draw pile to determine which form of government starts the game. The dealer gets a Leadership card for that government. Players go around and can only play cards matching that style of government-unless the form of government changes through a Government Change card (like Revolution or Civil War) or a card with a matching number. When the form of government is changed, the new leader is selected according to the "Rise to Power" section on the new government's leader card. 30 minutes. 2-12 players. Ages 10+. Contains: 12 oversized leadership cards, 228 playing cards, blank do-it-yourself cards