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Color Puzzles (Volume 10) (The Montessori Method)


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Give preschoolers the gift of learning with this Montessori-inspired early childhood book and box!

Red strawberry. Blue car. Yellow sunflowers. Brown shoe. With these bright, appealing cards, children will learn to recognize and distinguish all the colors of the rainbow and their different hues, from light to dark. The jigsaw-style activities help children master basic concepts, while an accompanying booklet explains how the process works. It not only stimulates learning through play: it enhances the child’s cognitive development. The activities become progressively more complex according to the three stages of a child’s learning: getting to know the material through sensory experience, recognizing the material, and being able to explain the material.

The box contains:

  • 13 panels with removable tiles featuring the hues identified by Maria Montessori, plus various colored objects
  • A poster illustrating the color wheel
  • A manual explaining the activity, as well as useful tips to help you further your knowledge of the Montessori educational approach and apply it to your everyday life.