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Common Core English Language Arts Tips & Tools Grade 3

Newmark Learning

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What should you cover in Language Arts? Frankly, theres quite a bit to keep track of in grades 3-8. Whether your school is required to comply with Common Core or not, each 10-page chart that unfolds to over 3 feet provides a quick reference for standards. In stream-lined format, strategies and checklists are provided for Reading; Speaking & Listening; and Writing and Language. Standards are specified with their corresponding Common Core standard listing. Key guidelines and even questioning ideas and basic activities are modeled to help you as you ensure your childs progress in each grade. This is a concise, understandable guide that can be ready when you need it. ~ Ruth Time-saving guides for ELA and Mathematics help shift instruction to prepare Grades 3-8 students for Common Core assessments. Models and exercises link to every standard. Prompts help students develop test-taking strategies. Color-coded tabs and lamination offer durable, on-the-go access.