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Common Core Mathematics Grade 5 (SOLARO Study Guide)

Newmark Learning

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A comprehensive study guide with age- and grade-appropriate content designed to familiarize students with new Common Core State Standards. With content developed by a team of teachers and curriculum specialists and reviewed by assessment experts with a minimum of five years of classroom teaching experience, SOLARO mathematics study guides are wholly curriculum aligned and serve as an excellent source of material for review and practice. Each guide breaks down the Common Core State Standards into teachable units, making it simple for educators and students to identify key learning concepts and how they align with the accompanying exercises and assessments. The practice questions and sample tests have detailed solutions that show problem-solving methods, highlight concepts that are likely to be tested, and point out potential sources of errors. The multiplatform SOLARO study solution also features additional learning tools in the complementary online version, and is designed to be used by students throughout the school year for reviewing and understanding course content, preparing for assessments, and, ultimately, achieving success.Intended for fifth grade students who are learning the new Common Core State Standards in school, this study guide features curriculum-aligned lessons, activities, exercises, and quizzes. "Teaching to the Test" are typically words we do not like to hear and a concept we prefer to avoid. But . . . . . If you live in a state that has adopted the CCSS and if you, as a homeschooler, have to (or want to) take standardized tests, then "Teaching to the Test" may have to become part of your life. These guides will help to make that relatively painless and will allow you to continue with your loved-but-maybe-not-CCSS-aligned math curriculum. These guides are used to review and understand course content. They provide instruction that explains key concepts, questions/exercises that come with detailed solutions, and explanations of problem solving methods. Each section has a Table of Correlations (yes, you guessed it the CCSS correlations). These show the specific content strand that is the focus for the concepts in that unit and serve as a standards checklist. Instruction for the concepts covered in each section is laid out clearly with two sets of exercises. The solutions provide step by step illustrated completion. Various tips for study success i.e. mind mapping, memorization techniques, learning styles are also part of the overall help provided. Visually, these books are "clean-cut" and that is about all you can say for them no color, no interesting illustrations just solid content. Note: there is a Solaro Premium online version but these items are printed, softcover books and do not include any online content. ~ Janice