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Crashapult STEM Challenge

Learning Resources

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Introduce kids to angles, trajectories, and other early physics fundamentals with the Crashapult STEM Challenge from Learning Resources. This hands-on activity set challenges kids to build and complete high-flying obstacle courses designed around core STEM concepts. After setting up their catapults, kids send the launch balls flying off walls, over obstacles, and toward the set's included hoop target, funnel, or goal cup. Along the way, they'll have to use their own trial-and-error, engineering, and critical thinking skills to make the adjustments to placement and force necessary to successfully complete the included challenges. Each Crashapult STEM Challenge set comes with a full-color booklet filled with challenges, which increase in difficulty and provide opportunity for leveled play. In addition to challenging young brains, the Crashapult STEM Challenge also teaches lessons in muscle control-the set's catapult is completely kid-powered, and doesn't require any batteries, springs, or rubber bands for operation.** STEM-themed activity set teaches kids concepts of angles, trajectories, and otherphysics fundamentals during fun build-it-yourself challenges** Kids send balls flying through the air and toward targets with the help of the includedcatapult** Challenges with multiple difficulty levels help kids develop critical thinking andengineering skills through trial and error** Kid-powered catapult requires no batteries, springs, or rubber bands**Age 5+**Grade K+