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Creative Craft 16 ounce Paint

Sargent Art

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Creative Craft ® Paint is an extremely versatile, thick, “no-drip” multi-purpose paint which peels from many non-porous surface and remains flexible when dry. This unique medium can even hold a 3-dimensional shape when several layers are applied and peeled up from non-porous surface like molds & plastics. Available in 16 oz. squeezable bottles. Versatile Creative Craft ® Paints Can Be Used As: • Thick finger paints & window paints.• Regular craft paint of diluted slightly.• Watercolor paints when heavily diluted.• Temporary sticker paints. Moisten to reuse.• 3-Dimensional flexible soft sculpture paints.• Multi-surface paints, sticks to most surface including many Styrofoam materials.• Slow drying marbleizing & blending paints.