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Critical Thinking Detective Math - Fun Mystery Cases to Improve Math Skills (Grades 6-12+)

Critical Thinking Company

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These popular, easy-to-use detective cases are suitable for Grades 6 - 12+. Students must apply critical reading, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning. The mathematics needed to solve these cases require the application of common middle school math concepts, but don't be fooled! The real challenges are to first identify the clues by synthesizing from different witnesses and suspects, and then determine the necessary math needed to turn the clues into evidence. Some cases may be more challenging for younger students, but teachers and parents can always use the optional hints provided to help students that reach a dead end. The cases also develop observation skills, reading comprehension, and deductive and inductive thinking skills. Learning to identify and evaluate evidence is the very heart of critical thinking. For more critical thinking and detective fun, please see Critical Thinking Detective, Critical Thinking Detective - Vocabulary, and Something's Fishy in Lake Iwannafsha.