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Cut & Assemble Plains Indians Teepee Village


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With this easy-to-make model of an Indian teepee village, youngsters 5 and up can travel back in time to a way of life practiced for centuries by tribes that roamed the vast plains of the American West.
Included in this imaginative educational model are five teepees decorated with clan symbols (turtles, bear claws, and other designs); 20 cut-out "action" figures featuring Indians individually (riding horses, cooking, standing guard, performing ceremonial activities, hunting buffalo, and playing games) and in groups (dancing, curing fish, playing lacrosse, and more).
Printed in full color on both sides of heavy stock, the figures have bases that make them free-standing. Also included are campfire, buffalo, decorated hides, and other authentic touches.
Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions help children (with perhaps a little adult assistance) reconstruct this accurate and colorful depiction of Indian life and culture.