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Daily Fundamentals Grade 1

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Make sure your gr. 1 students are ready to learn with the Evan-Moor Daily Fundamentals, Grade 1 Teaching Supplement. Our engaging lessons ensure first graders are ready to think as they begin the school day. The activities include skill practice for language, math and reading, all specifically aimed at grade one students in both homeschooling and traditional classroom situations. Each aspect of these daily warmup exercises will provide support to the core curriculum you're teaching in the remainder of the day.   Perfect Classroom Warmup Work- First graders will be ready for the school day after completing the warmup activities in our workbook Quick Activities- Each daily work will require only 10 to 15 minutes, which keeps students focused and engaged Enhances Higher-Order Thinking- We've created open-ended questions within each activity designed to spark peer-to-peer discussions and critical thinking skills Building on Past Skills- Each lesson in the grade one workbook will be a little more difficult, which requires children to apply past knowledge to solve the new problems they encounter Cross-curricular Lessons- The one page daily activities focus on language, math and reading for both homeschool and traditional classroom students   The perfect way to begin your students' school day! Cross-curricular daily practice gets your first grade students focused and engagedand ready to learn. The daily lessons provide practice of language, math, and reading skills that support your core curriculum.The meaningful 10 to 15 minutes of daily practice helps sharpen students' skills and helps you see where your students need to improve. With a detailed scope and sequence, you will always know the skills that your students are practicing.Daily Fundamentalslessons are ideal for morning work, bell ringers, homework, and informal assessment. The daily practice and review prepares students for success on assessments and state testing.How it works: Monday-Friday: Full-page daily activities provide practice of grade-level language, math, and reading skills, focusing on one skill in each subject area. The daily lessons progress in difficulty as students move through Day 1 to Day 5, and the weekly units progress in difficulty throughout the year. The 30 weeks of first grade skill practice covers: Language:grammar, mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary Math:operations and algebraic thinking, number and operations in base 10, measurement and data, time, money, and geometry Reading:main idea and details, sequence, fantasy and reality, fact or opinion, character, author's purpose, and compare and contrast Daily activities often include open-ended questions that require higher-order thinking skills. These types of questions can be used to promote peer-to-peer discussions as students share and discuss answers, while also fostering critical thinking skills. The three Rs all together in one place for a quick daily review! These books provide one or two exercises/problems in language, math, and reading on each daily page for thirty weeks. Worksheets are reproducible for a single classroom and a complete answer key is included. Perfect for busy moms who need some independent work for older kids while she works with the youngers.