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Daily Handwriting Practice - Contemporary Cursive

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Daily Handwriting Practice, Contemporary Cursive is more than just a handwriting book; it is a learning tool that helps developing young minds practice basic skills in an interesting and unique way. For example, on the topic "Simple Machines," students learn about simple tools and the physics applied in using them. Students write letters, words, and sentences about a variety of content-area topics appropriate for the classroom. Monday through Thursday, the weekly subjects for writing exercises range from famous inventors to famous quotations, amazing hunters to the water cycle. On Friday, a full-page exercise draws the topic to a close by reviewing what was learned earlier that week. This book is a useful and effective teaching tool because each letter is introduced and practiced before students are asked to use it. Curriculum topics addressed include: - the alphabet - capital letters - rhyming words - months of the year - days of the week - world alphabets - geography - facts - synonyms - nonsense rhymes - color words - alliteration - U.S. presidents - simple machines - math - rhyming words - prefixes and suffixes Skills reinforced that help keep handwriting legible include: - correct letter formation - letter placement - spacing between letters - spacing between words Thirty-six weeks of daily practice! Kids will definitely not feel overwhelmed by these short handwriting exercises: half-page assignments on Mondays-Thursdays and a full-page assignment on Fridays. By writing words and sentences on a daily basis, your child's letter formation and spacing will gradually improve. As an added benefit, kids will learn about the continents, animals, famous inventors, and more as they practice their handwriting! The last four weeks of practice are used to make an alphabet book. Both cursive books are identical in content. They differ only in the writing style used. Likewise, with the manuscript books. All workbook pages have black and white illustrations that can be colored. Anh