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Daily Higher-Order Thinking (Grade 5)

Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

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Teachers looking to challenge their grade five students while also helping them to develop invaluable critical thinking skills will want to incorporate the Evan-Moor Daily Higher-Order Thinking Grade 5 Teacher s Edition into their classrooms. Our book helps fifth graders learn to develop higher-order skills like analyzing, predicting, designing and organizing, all in quick and fun 20-minute daily lessons. Gr. 5 students will look forward to performing these activities each day, thanks to the multiple puzzles included, such as brainteasers and logic puzzles Open-Ended Answers One of the best aspects of our workbook for fifth graders is that the open-ended questions have multiple potential answers, and students can debate the various options in small groups Practice Various Skills While developing higher-order thinking skills, students will work on things like analyzing, predicting, designing, composing, organizing, evaluating, imagining and strategizing Quick Daily Lessons As each lesson only requires 20 minutes to complete, our book fits well into the existing classroom work without overwhelming the kids Fun Activities With activities in the book like logic puzzles, brainteasers, visual puzzles and creative writing, students will have a lot of fun while they re working Learning Critical Thinking Because so many professions in modern society rely on critical thinking, our workbook can spark this type of thinking in students that will serve them well throughout life