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Dazzling Mazes


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Luckily, famed German designer Ulrich Koch has provided solutions to the 50 outrageous mazes he created for this dazzling volume. Otherwise, even the gifted connoisseur might not escape some of his more challenging labyrinths.Although most of the intricate puzzles can be deciphered by intermediate solvers — and there are even a few amusements easy enough for the novice — some, like the African Queen, Cyclist's Nightmare, and Frankfurt Labyrinth, require a special talent you'll acquire only after a few evenings of stimulating practice.Many of the more challenging designs add a special excitement by incorporating bizarre op art effects, Escher-like illusions, and three-dimensional fabrications. Take your time and start with an easy one or, if you're already a dedicated puzzlist, leap right into the fray with one of the more convoluted configurations. Either way, you'll enjoy hours of sensational, inexpensive fun while you test your skills and sharpen your imagination. Dover Original. Age Recommendation: 11 and up! Page Count: 80 pages