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Deluxe Shimmer Lab


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  • Toys that Teach: Understanding chemistry basics is fun, easy and safe with MindWare’s Shimmer Lab. Learn about basic chemical reactions, observation, and why shimmer occurs in nature.
  • Fizzy Fun: This experiment kit is also a make your own spa lab! Kids create sparkly lip balm, bath bombs and soaps; including an Ombre bar!
  • Spa Science: MindWare Clean Science labs combine the fun of spa and beauty kits for girls with educational science lessons! Each kit’s activities, from bath bombs to lip balm, give hands-on lessons in chemistry.
  • Guide Book: The colorful, detailed guide booklet includes step-by-step instructions and artistic inspiration, plus activity ideas for how to stay eco friendly!
  • Includes: All ingredients and supplies needed for your Shimmer Lab experiments, including 100% biodegradable glitter! All ingredients are safe, non-toxic and gluten free. (Ages 8 and up)