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Developing Critical Thinking through Science 1

Critical Thinking Company

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Finally - hands-on science activities that teach your child basic physical science principles and the scientific method of investigation! Each activity is a 10- to 30-minute experiment investigating such topics as What's in an "Empty" Cup? How Do Boats Float? The Path of Light, etc. And that's all in the first book!What Does It Look Like?This is not at all a flashy program, pictures or charts are included when needed, but the focus is inquiry-based, hands-on science. That means that each lesson begins with goals, skills, a materials list, and preparation steps. You'll then find a step-by-step guide to the experiment including lots of questions to ask your child as they learn.Why Questions? Questions are an amazing way to learn and will help your child to really grasp and remember the information. Now your child will be able to answer the whys and hows of these integral scientific principles!Who Is This Program For?Developing Critical Thinking through Science is ideal for the auditory or hands-on learner, the student with ADHD or any student who learns better by trying it and talking than by reading and writing. It seems every family has at least one of these learners, and you are going to love having a program that expands their scientific knowledge so rapidly by building on their strengths and not their weaknesses!Materials required are mostly common materials such as a cup, paper clips, a balloon, a magnifying glass, rubber bands, marbles, sand, etc. Preparation time is short, and practical applications at the end of each activity relate science concepts to real-life experiences.