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Disney Learn To Draw: Ratatouille

Walter Foster

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Kids will fall in love with Disney Pixar's newest action-filled adventure, Ratatouille. Set to release in June 2007, Ratatouille follows Remy the rat on his quest for fine dining. Living in the French countryside, Remy quickly tires of the food he scavenges from the family he lives with. So he secretly starts cooking his own meals in the fireplace but then accidentally sets the house on fire, causing his eviction. Remy then heads to Paris where he finds a job as a chef at an upscale Parisian restaurant where his food quickly receives the praise and admiration he seeks. But Remy soon realizes that the restaurant business is a dog-eat-dog world! Learn to Draw Disney Pixar's Ratatouille is a 32-page, full-color book featuring many of the movie's characters for kids to draw step by step-from Remy and Linguini to Emilie and Gusteau. The easy-to-follow instructions use simple shapes and techniques, so artists of all levels will be drawing in no time. Plus, each new step appears in blue, so artists know exactly what to draw next. The book also includes a synopsis of the film along with humorous descriptions of each character. Reg. $5.95