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Dixit is a fun and fast paced game, where players use their imagination and brings the storyteller in them to life along with quick guesswork to ultimately unlock the tale! A classic board game, where the first player to reach and score 30 points wins the game! Start by setting out the board as each player picks a number and voting cards that are equal to the number of players. Once you've set up, place each players colored marker on the start square. Shuffle the Dixit cards & deal six cards to each player, remember to keep your cards hidden at all times!  When it's the turn of the active player, it's their job to best describe the imaginative artwork on the cards. As the player tells brief stories, they start by selecting a card from his or her hand, and thinking up a sentence, telling the others the sentence conjured by the card. Each of the other players try and guess the card they think matches that sentence and plays them facedown. The cards are shuffled and then revealed. Players secretly vote for the card that best matches the narrator's story, and player whose cards are chosen score a number of points. Highlights: A simple, imaginative storytelling game that challenges players' creativity Playing time: 30 minutes or less Includes: Game board, game pieces, instructions, cards, voting tokens Level of difficulty: Intermediate game play Suggested age: 8 years and up Number of players: 3-6 players