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Doctor Who: Keys to the Tardis

Outset Media

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Time streams have been crossed and now several versions of the doctor are running about the TARDIS at the same time! Choose from six modern regenerations of the doctor and try to make it across the TARDIS. But be careful, there are Daleks, Cybermen, and worse lurking about.

Tiles are randomly set up in a 7x7 grid, with each time representing a closed TARDIS room. On a players turn, the draw a card increasing their hand to four cards. They must play a card, and then move their chosen Doctor to an opened room beside the current room they are in, if they choose to.

Available cards can unlock or lock a room color that matches the card color, block a room with a time barrier card, move an opponent one room with a Cyberman assault, jam cookie card allows to move through a tile that has a Dalek in it when it is opened, a time tunnel card allows you to move diagonally between rooms, and sonic screwdrivers which can open any colored door, close it, or remove a time barrier card.

Winning the game occurs when one doctor has made their way from one side of the TARDIS to the other side by opening doors and moving your Doctor into the rooms.