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Dogs & Puppies Drawing & Activity Book: Learn to draw 17 different dog breeds

Walter Foster

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With this interactive drawing book, aspiring young artists will discover just how easy it is to draw 17 different breeds of dogs and puppies of all shapes, sizes, and colors—including a Parson Russell Terrier, Siberian Husky, and a Pug puppy. From the small and sassy to the big and burly, there's a breed for everyone. The 64-page, spiral-bound Dogs & Puppies Drawing & Activity Book teaches young artists to draw through three different methods: tracing, grid drawing, and step-by-step drawing. Each method features easy-to-follow instructions and shows how each step builds upon the next to create a finished piece of art.Fun facts and interesting tidbits of information about each breed are also sprinkled throughout each project. Activities include a dog breed word search and a maze that helps a hungry pup find his dish of food. With the included tracing paper and plenty of practice pages, Dogs & Puppies Drawing & Activity Bookwill help budding artists create perfect puppy portraits!    About the AuthorThe Walter Foster Jr. Creative Team develops fun and imaginative books and kits for children of all ages. Encouraging learning and exploring, Walter Foster Jr. titles cover a wide range of subjects, including art, transportation, history, craft, gardening, and more.