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Draw It 3D


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Learn how to make your art POP off the page using nothing more than the tools included with this book: pencil, pen, ruler, and eraser-3D glasses not required! The drawing techniques in this book are just as fun for doodlers and scribblers as they are for aspiring artists. With inspiring illustrations of aliens, zombies, dragons, dinosaurs, and the like, you will learn about perspective and optical illusions, along with cool tools that professional artists, engineers, and video game designers use to bring their drawings to life. It's time to take your art to a whole new dimension (pun intended). Easy-to-learn techniques Plenty of practice space to make art jump off the page, plus tracing paper, lined paper and isometric grid paper to use right in the book Featured artists who have mastered the skill of 3D drawing Punch out and assemble a stereoscopic viewer to see pictures in real 3D Comes with mechanical pencil, black pen, block eraser, ruler, punch out stereoscopic viewer, punch out anamorphic illusions, blank practice pages