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Drawing For Older Children & Teens

Penguin Group

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Everyone can learn how to draw- and feel truly proud of the results – using Mona Brookes’ proven drawing methods. Now the author of America’s best-selling art instruction book for young children provides a complete course for older children, teens and adult beginners.In Part I, you’ll discover the many different styles you can choose to draw in and how to develop your own personal style.In Part II, you’ll discover a unique way of seeing that allows you to draw any shape you observe. You’ll learn the basics (from buying art supplies to planning your compositions) and all the good stuff- proportion, scale, perspective, contrast shading and special effects. Lastly, Mona provides essential information on drawing the human form, animals, still, landscapes, and buildings.It’s all here. Now nothing can prevent you from discovering the joys of drawing. Open this book and you’ll see what creative possibilities await you! Special NoteDrawing For Older Children & Teens includes special sections for art teachers and educators.