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Duct Tape Bangles

Alex Toys

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The Alex Toys Do-It-Yourself Wear Duct Tape Bangles kit features easy to make funky strips with (5) skinny rolls of duct tape in bright colors and prints. Join the latest trend by wearing duct tape jewelry you've made yourself. This is no ordinary duct tape, either. Create these bracelets using bright colors and patterned tape. Just rip, wrap and wear! The set is recommended for children 7 years of age and older. This kit includes the following: (5) rolls of duct tape (3-yards each) (6) plastic bangles Easy to follow instructions Teaches Techniques for Future Crafting Using the included step-by-step instructions, kids can learn how to make their own crafts for years to come. They will learn all of the valuable skills to become more talented at arts & crafts as a whole. By showing how young crafters can use the included supplies, they'll also form new hobbies and develop skills that they can bring to future craft projects. Helps Girls Express Individuality and Creativity Girls love bracelets, and they can never have too many of them. With this kit, your children can use the included accessories to design their own bangles and express their individuality. Choose from pink, zebra, lime green, cheetah or striped designs. Endless color combinations and a variety of designs to color in foster creativity in children of all ages. Do-It-Yourself Kit Perfect for One Child or Small Groups The Alex Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear! Kit comes with everything you need to create bangles on your own, but it can also be a wonderful bonding experience for multiple tweens. This safe and fun kit makes the perfect gift for one child and presents a great opportunity for groups of girls to make their own bracelets together.