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Egyptian Myths

DK Publishing

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A beautifully illustrated collection of more than 20 ancient Egyptian myths retold for children
Delve into a world of strange creatures, magical powers, and warring gods in this thrilling compendium of ancient Egyptian stories. With over 20 exciting tales alongside fascinating historical information, this is a must-have introduction for young readers interested in one of the world’s great early civilizations.
From the creation of the world, to the pharaohs chosen by the gods, these stories chart the full sweep of ancient Egyptian mythology, revealing fascinating elements of culture and religion along the way. Meet mighty gods and wicked villains, and prepare for tales of heroic triumphs and heart-breaking tragedy. Learn how the sun god Ra wielded power over Earth, how trouble-making Set brought chaos to the kingdom, and how Osiris, Isis, and Horus became revered by their people. It’s time to dive into the Duat underworld, follow scuttling scarab beetles into pyramid tombs, and uncover the story behind mummification.