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El Grande Big Box


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It is a time of awakening in medieval Spain. The position of the king is secure, but the high aristocrats, the Grandes, look to expand their influence. Their primary weapons are the attendants to the king - the Caballeros - and fencing, not with the sword, but with cunning and deceit. Choose your actions and priorities wisely to become the most powerful Grande! Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of El Grande, this Big Box Edition comes complete with the base game, and includes all previously published official expansions: Grand Inquisitor & Colonies, Grandissimo, King & Intrigant, King & Intrigant: Players' Edition, King & Intrigant: Special Cards, and the Anniversary Extension. Contents:  Rulebook 1 Game Board (front side) 5 Grandes (in 5 colors) 150 Caballeros (in 5 colors) 5 Scoring Markers (in 5 colors) 5 Secret Discs with Rotating Hands 1 Round Marker 65 Power Cards 45 Action Cards 9 Region Cards 2 Mobile Scoreboards King 1 Start Player Marker