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Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques

Running Kids Press

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Forget about what you should do and explore what you can do! There are almost endless ways to apply paint to paper, and no amount of technical knowledge and expertise can replace artistic vision. However, there is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have something to say and not having the means to say it. So, here is a comprehensive selection of painting techniques for you to experiment with as you explore and expand your artistic voice and learn to express your ideas with confidence and vigor. Filled with beautiful, step-by-step photographs paired with helpful explanations, The Encyclopedia of Watercolor Techniques demonstrates over 35 techniques for working in the complete range of water-based media, including traditional watercolors as well as the more recent acrylic and gouache paints. These newer paints possess unique qualities and open up even greater possibilities for watercolor painters. Each technique is presented in context, showing how it is ideally suited to particular subjects, and both traditional and experimental methods of painting are explored along with tricks of the trade. The second part of the book presents a gallery of finished paintings with step-by-step demonstrations to show you how other artists have harnessed their technical skills and experience to achieve their visions and to spark your imagination and inspire you as you pursue your own artistic visions.