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Endeavor Age of Sail

Burnt Island Games

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The Age of Sail (1571-1862) was an era of unprecedented expansion across the oceans of the globe, where seagoing empires tied the continents together with mighty fleets. Set sail into a rich strategy game where you are a growing naval power attempting to connect with the distant regions of the world. From your foothold in Europe, you'll strive to make the wisest connections as the maps unfold. Compelling decisions abound; you'll grapple with efficiency, strategy, and even morality. The battles ahead will be fought with cunning as much as with cannons...when it's all over, will it be your empire that writes the history books?

You hold in your hand the long-awaited new edition of the much-loved modern classic Endeavor. We have kept the original's gripping gameplay intact with a few significant but simple enhancements. The most dramatic additions are the game-changing Exploits. Each Exploit is a historical event from the Age of Sail that is related to two of the regions in the game. The Exploits create unbelievable replayability, bring wonderful thematic flavor to the game, and will help you experience the tumultuous Age of Sail more fully than ever before!