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Essential Worship Guitar: Instruction for the Worship Musician

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Whether as a solo guitarist or a member of a worship team, you desire to worship God with you instrument. Essential Worship Guitar is a comprehensive resource for guitar strategies and techniques that are unique and vital to you, the worship guitarist.

This innovative guide will improve your ability to worship with the guitar by offering unusually straightforward instruction on such commonly intimidating musical concepts as:

  • Constructing colorful worship chords.
  • Strumming and finger picking in contemporary worship styles.
  • Using number system chord progressions in free worship.
  • Using modes, minor scales, and pentatonic scales for inspired worship improvisation.
  • Playing single note improvisations over repeatable chord progressions.

May the teaching and inspiration in Essential Worship Guitar help you "play skillfully with a shout of joy" (Psalm 33:3).


"Essential Worship Guitar is one of the most comprehensive tools available to guitarists who want to develop their understanding of music theory and how it relates to the guitar. I highly recommend it to anyone serious about becoming a better guitarist, musician, and worshiper!"

Paul Baloche, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Producer

"The Essential Worship Guitar book is a must-have for musicians who desire to grow in skill and understand what they are playing and why."

Mike Ash, Musician, Composer, Worship Coordinator for Mercy Ships International Training Center

"Sandy is a fine worship leader and guitarist, in tune with the heart of the international contemporary worship movement, and he has much of value to teach."

Jimmy and Carol Owens, Composers, Directors of Heal Our Land

About the Author

Sandy Hoffman has been leading worship and teaching worshipers for over 20 years, training Christian musicians in the United States and in such diverse places as Singapore, Amsterdam, Budapest, and India. He has served with Last Day Ministries/Youth With A Mission and is the director of Worship Works! Music, a ministry committed to instruction and equipping worshipers.