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Everyday Comprehension Intervention Activities Grade 3

Newmark Learning

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Don't let the education-speak title of this book fool you. Yes, it is aligned to Common Core standards. Yes, it is "research-based" and its introductory pages sound alarmingly lofty. Nevertheless, this is an easy-to-use book that emphasizes assessment as well as modeled instruction (i.e. "this is what we're doing" and "this is what it's supposed to look like") and guided practice ("let me help you do that"). There are approximately 30 units; each targeting a specific reading comprehension skill. Each skill has a five-day teaching plan. Day 1 looks at an example. Scripted analytical questions are provided for the teacher. Days 2, 3, and 4 develops the skill; each day with worksheets and step-by-step tasks. Day 5 gives the student the opportunity to complete the skill "from scratch" without the help of the teacher or the prompts. It's a great teaching progression! Both student worksheets (reproducible for classroom) and teacher scripting and prompts are provided in this book. Free online assessments are available on the publisher's website. Skills covered in this book parallel those covered in its companion, Progress-Monitoring Comprehension Assessments: analyze character analyze story elements analyze text structure and organization compare & contrast draw conclusions evaluate author's purpose & point of view evaluate fact and opinion identify cause and effect identify main idea and supporting details identify sequence or steps in a process make inferences make judgments make predictions summarize information use graphic features to interpret information use text features to locate information