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Everyday Phonics Intervention Activities Grade 3

Newmark Learning

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If your child is struggling in reading and you suspect a faulty phonics foundation, this series of books is for you. Phonics assumes that English is essentially a system of sounds; once the rules of that system are absorbed, the student can easily and intuitively (eventually without thinking), decode most written words. Even if phonics isn't taught properly, many children discover these rules for themselves; however, some do not. Remediation will be easier if you can pinpoint the gaps in their understanding. Free online assessments are available on the publisher's website to determine which skills your student needs to master. Once you've identified them, a five-day unit includes modeling the skill (instruction plus one worksheet), student practice and application of the skill (three worksheets), and a skill assessment to determine whether that skill has been mastered or whether you need to re-teach. The format works well for both students who need paced reinforcement and parents who already have a full day of other schoolwork scheduled, but you can compress this into fewer days if needed. After you've worked through all of the weak areas identified in the initial assessment, a comprehensive post-assessment can be given to insure that the student has absorbed all of the phonics constructs included at this level. If you're not sure where to start in this series, view the table of contents pages on our website for each. Ignore grade levels, since your object is remediation. If you need to go back a grade or two to recapture skills, better to do so now than later. The sooner your child can take advantage of the "system" to improve their reading skills, the better. Assessments and practice activities are reproducible. Best seller! Instant 5-day units build strategies for test-taking success across Writing, Phonics, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Comprehension subject areas.. Each grade-specific volume offers quick and easy mini-lessons, 100+ fun and engaging practice activities, end-of-unit assessments, PLUS BONUS pre- and post-assessments online. Supports Common Core and state-specific standards.