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Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics


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Discover the foundational elements of the universe and the building blocks of creation with Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics! Study how the universe functions through this exploration of matter and energy; lessons cover atoms and molecules, pH levels, types of mixtures, mechanics, laws of motion, dynamics of motion, energy, waves, light, machines, magnets, and more. Filled with bright photographs, fun "Try This!" experiments, and integrated narration questions, this Charlotte-Mason inspired guide to physics and chemistry will keep kids interested and engaged. Experiments, notebooking activities, "what do you remember?" narration questions, projects, and experiments help to reinforce concepts. 279 pages, hardcover. Index and answers to the narrative questions are included, as well as a supply list PDF (see above). Scripture is taken from the NIV, NASB, and ESV. Elementary Grades; Grades 1-6. May be completed in one semester or one year depending on the desired schedule.