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Fandex: Africa

Storey Publishing

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AfricaWhat do you know of Liberia and the American idealists who founded it? What do you know of Rwanda, the Sudan, Mogadishu? What do you know of the rare wild life of Madagascar, the Olduvai Gorg, Nelson Mandela and apartheid, the Pygmies, Timbuktu? What do you know of Congolese rain forests, Ethiopia's ancient Solomonic Dynasty, and Libya's Great Man-Made River, one of the world's most ambitious Engineering projects? A hand-held encyclopedia, AFRICA brings the wonders of this vast continent—people, geology, wildlife, history, folklore, and politics—to your fingertips. Includes dozens and and dozens of full-color illustrations, vital stats (capital, currency, flag and languages) and a map for every country.  50 INDIDIVIDUALLY DIE-CUT CARDS FULL COLOR THROUGHOUT KNOWLEDGE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY