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Five Crowns Junior

Set Enterprises

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Children play, learn and excel. Matching all five cards by color or by number wins kids a crown of glory. They take turns drawing and discarding to complete their hand.The first player to lay down a completed 5-card combination selects a Treasure Chip.For added fun, extra large Wild Cards indicate which card will be the coveted Wild Card. Children are wrapped up in a crown battle for victory!Fun to the very end... The last round gives stragglers a chance to snatch up treasure of their own. Inability to lay down the correct cards results in a Pack Rat chip. Uh-oh! Pack Rats are in the mood to steal some treasure!Five cards, five rounds, this is Five Crowns, people!Five Crowns Junior Kid-style rummy game Develops thinking skills, color recognition, number sequencing Match five cards by color or number Treasure Chips and Pack Rats add intrigue Includes: 50 Five Crowns playing cards, 5 extra large wild cards, 84 point chips Game rulesĀ  Ages 5+ | 2-6 Players