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French Baroque and Rococo Fashions Coloring Book


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Fashion ruled the courts of the "Sun King," Louis XIV (1638–1715), and his successor, Louis XV (1710–1774). The Sun King's quest for glory and love of conspicuous adornment manifested itself in his apparel, and he required the courtiers of Versailles to adopt similarly grand Baroque styles. A lighter fashion sense prevailed at the court of Louis XV, who favored Rococo styles of exquisite refinement.  This magnificently rendered, scrupulously researched coloring book covers 135 years of French styles. Its 45 full-page black-and-white illustrations feature a wide spectrum of fashions, depicting costumes of both the nobility and commoners. Starting with the flamboyant cavalier clothing of the 1640s, the drawings trace the transition from Baroque to Rococo apparel, with portraits of farmers, street vendors, and aristocrats in formal and everyday dress. Each illustration is accompanied by an informative caption.