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Fruits and Vegetables Coloring Book


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This collection of ready-to-color illustrations features a splendid display of nature's bounty. Forty-five carefully rendered images of assorted fruits and vegetables range from the diminutive currant, raspberry, grape, radish, and kiwi to such substantial foods as the pineapple, sweet potato, cabbage, watermelon, and pumpkin — and from such exotic plants as the passion fruit, guava, and carambola (star fruit) to the familiar apple, banana, tomato, and cucumber. Many illustrations include images of the plant's blossom and seed.Accompanying notes provide popular and scientific names for each subject, as well as information on color, the climatic region in which the plant can be grown, and its uses as food, beverages, medicine, building material, and for other purposes useful to humans.An excellent introduction to dozens of tropical and temperate-zone fruits and vegetables, this entertaining coloring book not only will serve as a valuable learning tool for youngsters, it also will delight coloring-book fans and horticulturists of all ages. Recommended ages: 8-14 Page count: 48 pages