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Gallery Ghost

Birdcage Press

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Something Spooky is happening in the art gallery. Each night, after all the visitors have left, the ghosts of 24 famous painters - Renoir, Manet, Cassatt, Gauguin, Rousseau, and more - come out to play. And how do ghostly artists have fun? By sneaking details from their own paintings onto other artists' pictures! The only person who knows about the spirited mischief is an art student named Sarah, who has a night job cleaning the gallery. Sarh wants to reward the ghost who makes the greatest number of changes on the paintings. It's up to YOU to help her! Grab your magnifying glass - included inside - and start comparing the original paintings with the haunted ones. Keep score, tally the results and discover which ghost painted the most! Its a spot-the-difference game, a ghost story, and an art book...all in one! Retail $17.95 (hardcover)