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Gold Translucent Vellum Paper by Strathmore 20ct


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Beautiful translucent vellum is just the thing to transform an ordinary project into a personalized expression. Use translucent vellum to create envelopes, book jackets, invitations, personalized cards and in scrapbooking projects. The unique smooth surface can be enhanced with rubber stamping, die-cutting, foil stamping, stickers and seals along with inserts such as dried flowers, confetti and patterned paper. Hints for working with vellum Handle vellum paper with care. Be careful not to crease paper or the result could be a white scar on the surface. If you applying ink to the surface of the paper be careful to let it dry thoroughly before working with it. This will prevent smudging. If printing on this vellum sheet we advise testing the process on a single sheet as printer results may vary. It is not made for printing. Apply adhesives sparingly. Vellum will buckle if it becomes too wet. Clear glue sticks are preferable to liquid glues.