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Gotcha Gadgets


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Immature humor becomes science. What an utterly irresistible combination!Build electronic gismos to play 20 tricks! What results from that? A confused cat, watchful eyes from siblings after you wire the cookie jar, prank precautions taken by friends. Cross the fun of hands-on science with a whoopie cushion, and that's exactly what you get!Gotcha Gadgets, a set of customizable, constructable electronic gizmos is four-star hootenanny. A book chock-full of games, pranks, and jokes - and how to make the most of them. Follow simple instructions to make a door alarm, motion sensor, light sensor, or push-button sound machine, and then program it with one of four funny sounds.  Includes: Circuit boardSpeakerLED lightBattery clipPhotoresistorSwitchesProject wiresAlligator clipGadget dockGadget case4 gadget covers2 doorbell hangers2 door alarm hangers