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Grill It!

Storey Publishing

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America loves to barbecue! More barbecue grills were sold in 2006 than in any other previous year (over 17 million!), ample proof that grilling has become a part of our casual American lifestyle. From the cooking experts at Good Housekeeping, here is our bestselling collection of more than 150 sure-fire grilling recipes, featuring everything from pizza to steak to veggies, all wrapped up in a fresh new look. Of course you’ll learn how to make the perfect burger, but you can also try Goat Cheese and Tomato Bruschetta, Polynesian Drumsticks, Kansas City Ribs, Shrimp Sonoma, Campfire Corn with Herb Butter, and much more. Whether your grill uses charcoal, gas, or electricity, all the basics are here, including useful accessories, terrific marinades, ideas for flavoring the fire, and precise cooking guidelines.