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Habitats of the World

DK Publishing

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An illustrated journey through Earth’s most amazing habitats, from forests and ocean to deserts and the frozen poles
Take a tour through Earth’s most amazing habitats and discover the astonishing variety of life on our planet

Illustrated in incredible detail, Habitats of the World explores Earth’s major ecosystems and the different communities of animals and plants that live in each one. From a teeming tropical rainforest to the hostile conditions of a high mountain peak or the icy poles, find out how animals and plants are adapted to their environment and how they interact with their surroundings and each other. Dip beneath the sunlit surface of the Coral Sea to discover a reef bursting with life. Voyage to the frozen north to find out which animals survive on the icy Arctic tundra. See the sun rise over the Sonoran Desert in spring as this arid landscape bursts into bloom.

Packed full of natural wonders and iconic animal species, this book shows how life on Earth is interconnected and knitted together in a delicate balance. Perfect for children and parents to read together and discover the incredible diversity of life on planet Earth.