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Hands-On Thinking Skills Book/Manipulative Set

Critical Thinking Company

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The fun, mind-building activities in this 256-page book develop spatial, verbal, motor, visual, and analytical thinking skills necessary for success in reading, writing, math, and science. Students have fun building manipulative relationships on each activity page using attribute blocks, pattern blocks, or interlocking cubes (included in this set). Activities and units are sequentially developed to keep students’ interest level high. Activities encourage verbal analysis to build vocabulary and to maximize verbal and spatial skill synthesis. The concepts covered in this book include:Identifying Similarities and DifferencesShapes: Matching, Finding, Dividing, and CompletingFigures: Copying and CoveringForming and Following Sequences and PatternsTracking, Paths, Copying, Completing Shapes, and Folding Figures and PaperClassifying Objects and GroupsObjects: Color, Shape, and SizeGroups: Shape, Color, Describing, Adding, Separating, Forming, Defining, and Identifying Common PropertiesCreating/Interpreting AnalogiesShape, Color, Size, Position, and PatternManipulatives Hands-On Thinking Skills requires the use of Attribute Blocks, Interlocking Cubes, and Pattern Blocks. These manipulatives are included in this set.