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Harcourt Horizons Grade 6 Homeschool Package with Parent Guide CD-ROM

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Harcourt Horizons curriculum guides students through social studies while integrating chart and graph skills, map & globe reading exercises, citizenship lessons, basic reading skills, primary source use, and other cross-curricular elements.   The Student Text organizes content into units, chapters, and lessons. Students have the opportunity to start a unit project, while individual lessons include a "big idea" and new vocabulary sidebar (vocab words are highlighted throughout the lesson), as well as a unique "focus skill" (e.g. categorization, making inferences, compare and contrast). A review question signals the end of each short section, with a final end-of-lesson review that quizzes students on the big idea, vocabulary, the chapter focus skill, and main concept; an activity is also provided. Chapters and units conclude with review and test preparation. Special skills pages focused on maps, charts, and other key elements are also integrated throughout. A glossary, index, biographical dictionary, and gazetteer are included in the back of the book. This Grade 6 curriculum, "World History," includes 8 units which cover:  The World and the Early People (Earth's Geography, Hunters and Gatherers) Early Centers of Civilization (the Tigris and Euphrates Valley, the Nile Valley) Eastern Civilizations (Southwest Asian Civilizations, Asia's Classical Age) Western Civilizations (the Ancient Greeks, the Ancient Romans) The Rise of Later Civilizations (Europe after the Romans, Africa and Asia) The Spread of Civilizations (new empires, the growth of trade) The Early Modern World (Europe and the Western Hemisphere, the Eastern Hemisphere) Toward the Present Day (times of Rapid Change, Global challenges) The Homeschool Parent Guide CD-ROM replaces the standard teacher's edition, and includes daily lesson plans, teaching suggestions, answers to the student edition activities, and chapter test assessments. The Activity Book provides one activity per lesson that reinforces the concepts and skills in the text; worksheets include multiple choice, short answer, graphic organizer, puzzle, writing, map, and chart activities. Newsprint-like pages are perforated and three-hole-punched. The Activity Book Teacher's Edition provides the answers for the student activity book; full-size reproductions of the student pages have the correct answers overlaid in blue. The Assessment Program book is based around informal, formal, performance, portfolio, and personal assessments. Chapter and unit tests are included as well as performance task assignments. An answer key is included with quarter-size student pages with overlaid answers. The Harcourt Horizons Grade 6 Homeschool Kit with Parent Guide CD-ROM includes:   Student Text, 666 pages, hardcover with index Student Activity Book, newsprint-like perforated pages, three-hole-punched, 179 pages, softcover Activity Book Teacher's Edition, newsprint-like perforated pages, three-hole-punched, 179 pages, softcover. Pages are classroom-reproducible. Assessment Program Book, 200 perforated pages, three-hole-punched, softcover Homeschool Parent Guide CD-ROM