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Hawaiin Plants & Animals Coloring Book


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Climate and topography have greatly influenced the evolution of animal and plant life in the Hawaiian Islands. Sheltered canyons, steep precipices, and wide variations in rainfall and temperature have produced a vast assortment of shrubs, trees, flowering plants, animals, birds, and sea life. Unfortunately, many species of Hawaiian flora and fauna are rapidly disappearing. For this coloring book, Y. S. Green has rendered 44 finely detailed illustrations capturing a rich cross-section of the islands' characteristic plant and animal life, depicting such plants as the mango, breadfruit, coconut palm, red ginger, tree fern, prickly poppy, and pineapple, as well as such exotic forms of animal and insect life as the cone-headed grasshopper, slipper lobster, house gekko, trilling swordtail cricket, and the damselfly. Captions identify plants and animals on each page of this carefully researched and handsomely illustrated volume, sure to delight coloring book enthusiasts and nature lovers of all ages.